The New Realme 5 Pro Specifications

Spesifikasi Realme 5 Pro Terbaru

Realme 5 Pro specifications - Internet technology that has been used in all fields, has an impact on the use of more and more mobile phones. Making mobile phone technology more developed.

Almost every time a new type appears, which follows the latest developments in internet technology. This mobile phone has various features and conveniences that make internet users comfortable.

Various brands from various mobile phone manufacturers compete with each other, creating mobile phones with sophisticated technology but at affordable prices. One of them is a mobile phone made in this bamboo curtain country.
Realme is a mobile phone brand founded by Sky Li in Shenzhen, China on May 4, 2018. At first the founder of this brand worked for another mobile phone company. After resigning, he built his own brand.

One of the affordable mobile phone products that has just been released is the realme 5 Pro. This mobile phone is sold at a price of two million five hundred to two million eight hundred.

The specifications for the latest Realme 5 Pro are as follows.

1. Type

Spesifikasi Realme 5 Pro Terbaru

This type of mobile phone is a phablet smartphone, which is a phone that has almost tablet-like features. So that it provides features that are more indulgent for mobile phone users.
This mobile phone can also function as a notch phone. A mobile phone with a full screen, this is a way to make the phone screen wide. The use of the frame is very minimal.

 This early Chinese company prepared this phone as a gaming phone. Has a stable performance, with multitasking capabilities that are not easy to heat. So it can be used for a long time, without squeezing.
This bar-shaped phone has no edges on the screen or blisters. The screen will be wider, the child's mobile phone display looks more luxurious and contemporary. Become a phone with a modern look.

2. Technology 

The OS technology used is android, with the type of color os 6 or Android 9.0 pie. This phone uses a nano sim, dual sim active and dual sim standby. You have the freedom to use a sim card that suits your needs.
This mobile phone is installed with an octa-core CPU, QualcommSDM712 Snapdragon 712 AIE. It has a speed of 2x2.3 Ghz Koyo 360 Gold and 6 x 1.7 Ghz Koyo 360 silver.

There are two types of RAM options in the Realme 5 Pro specifications, namely a phone with four gigabytes of RAM and eight gigabytes of RAM. Using the internal memory one hundred and twenty eight gega bites
While the external memory is up to two hundred and fifty-six gigabites. This mobile phone is equipped with a four-point battery charging power. The power used is five volts, four amperes.

3. Screen

Spesifikasi Realme 5 Pro Terbaru

This mobile phone is installed with a screen measuring six point three inches, a size that is quite comfortable to hold and makes the eyes not easily tired. On the screen of this phone the screen resolution used is FHD + 2340 + 10I0 pixels.
The screen is quite wide with the resulting image clearly visible and comfortable for the eyes, making using this phone for a long time will not tire you out. A phone worth considering.

4. Network

The internet technology used on this phone is of the type 2G, 3G AN 4G or LTE. For 2G bands used are GSM with type 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900. The range of bands is sufficient.
For the type of 3G bands used, the WCDMA type is 850 / 900 / 2100, giving you more convenience because the internet network is used on wide bands.

As for the type of 4G LTE, several bands are used. FFD-LTE has bands1 / 3 / 5 / 8. For TD-LTE the bands used are 38 / 40 / 41 (2535 – 2655 Mhz. Using this phone you will stay connected to the internet wherever you are.
The speed of this mobile phone uses communication technology with the power of HSPA 42.2 / 11.5 Mbps, LTE-A. A latest internet technology with speed that allows you to get a fast connection.

5. Camera

Another Realme 5 Pro specification is that the camera used is a sixteen mega pixel front camera. The results of images using this camera are clear, your selfie photos look beautiful and clear.
For the rear camera using a lens of forty-eight mega pixels, eight mega pixels, two mega pixels and two mega pixels. Can capture images with distant objects, the resulting image is clearly visible.

6. Features

Users of this phone will be pampered with a variety of interesting features. Makes it easier for you to surf the internet. Start with a strong and reliable wifi connection. Can be connected quickly.
This phone is also equipped with hot spot or tethering facilities. You can connect to other internet devices that provide private interconnection facilities.

Ease of navigation is also provided with existing GPS facilities on the phone. Those of you who like to travel will find it easy to find the destination, even if it's your first visit.

To produce clear images in the dark, this phone is equipped with a flash. So you can capture images whenever you want, whether it's dark or light. This is one of the Realme 5 Pro Specifications
Clear images can be obtained because this phone is supported by quad camera technology. Whichever angle you take the picture from, the results look beautiful and clear with vibrant colors.

Keeping the phone secure, vendors have prepared finger print scanner technology. If something happens to your phone, it won't be able to open. Can be avoided from people who are not interested.

Another security is that this phone is equipped with a water resistant feature, no need to worry if one day your cellphone is exposed to rain or accidentally splashed by water. Don't forget to dry immediately.
One of the specifications for the Realme 5 Pro is that the head phone connection is used by a jack with a size of three point five millimeters. This is standard, so children can use headphones on the market.

7. Dimension

Spesifikasi Realme 5 Pro Terbaru

This phone has a total weight with a battery of around one hundred and eighty four grams. While the body size of the phone is one hundred and fifty-seven meters long, seventy-four point two meters wide and eight point nine millimetres thick.
Those of you who want a mobile phone with sophisticated technology but, have limited funds. Can make this phone as an option. You will not be disappointed with the performance offered.

The latest technology used in this phone is designed according to the needs of the phone user. Even though it is priced economically, the appearance of this phone will not disappoint you.

Now you want to replace a new phone, with these Realme 5 Pro specifications, the need for the latest internet technology can be fulfilled. Do not hesitate to make this phone your internet device.
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