How to Solve Applications Stopped on Android

Cara Mengatasi Aplikasi Terhenti di Android

The number of applications on mobile devices makes it easy and provides entertainment. But sometimes, mobile operating systems can also get into trouble. One of them is the application that stops suddenly. Therefore, there are several ways to deal with stalled applications that Android users must know. So you don't have to worry about getting a sudden warning if the app stops.

Causes of App Stopped Problems on Android

Before discussing how to solve the application stops, then first start to recognize the cause. Some applications on Android sometimes stop suddenly when in use. "Unfortunately the app has stopped" or "Unfortunately app has stopped", that's the message you get when the app stops. Then what is the real cause? Here are the two most common causes.

1. Full RAM Memory

Apps on Android are completely dependent on the RAM memory being used. RAM memory will affect the running of applications. If memory is limited, but too many applications are running in the background, it will make it full. This causes when the application is running, it runs out of memory. So there will be problems when opened, even can not be used at all.

2. Application Cache Files Piling

Every application in the Android system, always saves a cache file to speed up using it next time. However, if not cleaned regularly, these cache files will accumulate. This will cause the smartphone's performance to decrease. One of them when running the application. The application will take longer to respond or may even stop suddenly during use.

How to fix Application Stopped on Android

Some of the causes of the sudden termination of the application will certainly be very annoying. Therefore, 3 ways to overcome this stalled application must be studied to overcome it. Not only to overcome the application is stopped, but also can improve the performance of the smartphone.

1. Check SD Card

Almost all types of Android smartphones can use an additional microSD card. Its function is of course as additional memory to store various incoming files, including installed applications. But sometimes, the microSD card used can cause problems. This is what causes the Android application to stop when used.

How to overcome this stalled application, can be done by turning off the smartphone, then removing the microSD card used from the slot. After that, let it sit for a while, then it can be plugged back in properly, and try to restart the smartphone.

2. Clear Cache and App Data

Cache and data errors in the application can also be the cause of the application crashing. If so, then it can be managed with application management. You do this by clearing the cache and data of the application on the Android smartphone.

Click on the Settings menu, then Application Management, then select Applications and Clear Cache and Clear Data. In addition to the manual method, you can also use applications on Android. Cleaning applications on Android, such as CCleanser, can help clean all applications at once.

3. Uninstall the Application Then Reinstall

If the two methods above have not been able to solve the problem, it might be the cause of the application itself. Some application data may be corrupted, so that it does not run properly. Then the next way to overcome the stuck application is to uninstall and reinstall the application.

This method may take up quota because you have to reinstall the application. However, it can be the most powerful way to deal with stuck applications. You do this by clicking on the Settings menu, then selecting Application Management, selecting Applications, and Uninstall. Furthermore, it can be reinstalled by opening the Google Play Store, and selecting the application that was deleted, then clicking Install.

You can learn how to fix the stuck application on Android to overcome problems when using the application. Of course also by knowing the cause of these obstacles. Thus, the steps to solve the problem are carried out accordingly. In addition, cleaning cache and application data regularly will also support the performance of running applications. Good luck.

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